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Information due to the coronavirus covid-19

Face mask in buses and trains

You who need to travel with our buses and trains should use face mask in rush hour traffic, weekdays 7 am-9 am and 4 pm-6 pm.
The recommendation from the Public Health Agency of Sweden on face mask applies on you who were born in 2004 and earlier. Valid from 7 January 2021.

From Thursday 7 January, The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends wearing a face mask when using public transport during rush hours, 07:00-09:00 and 16:00-18:00. The new guideline applies to adults (born 2004 and earlier).

We will offer one free face mask per traveler and occasion at our Customer center on Växjö station, if you can show a valid ticket. 

Everyone must help in containing the spread of coronavirus. That means to restrict your use of public transport. The use of face mask does not mean we can travel more. Follow the guidelines from The Public Health Agency and only make essential journeys.

During the current situation, it is not possible to buy tickets or activate your period ticket on board on a large part of our buses.

Where to purchases tickets and activate period tickets

Travel app: Purchase all types of single and period tickets and activate the ticket yourself directly using the app.
Download the app on 
App Store or  Google Play.

Mina sidor (My pages) Purchase a period ticket and top up your travel card credit.

Ticket sales outlets: Purchase single and period tickets, pay using your travel card credit*, by credit/debit card or in cash.

Customer Centre: Purchase single and period tickets, pay using your travel card credit*, by credit/debit card or in cash. You can also call the Customer Centre and order a period ticket over the phone. The ticket will then be sent to your home and you will be invoiced for payment.

Ticket machines: Purchase train tickets and some bus tickets. Activate period tickets (trains). Pay using travel card credit* or by credit/ debit card.

sj.se and oresundstag.se: Purchase train tickets and some bus tickets. At sj.se, you can call and order single tickets.

Växjö City Transport: Purchase an adult ticket and pay using your Resekort travel card credit and activate all types of period tickets.

On some regional buses and Älmhult urban transport you can go to the driver and purchase a single ticket using your Resekort travel card credit or by credit/debit card. You can also purchase/activate a period ticket.

Other valid travel documents: School season ticket (normal rules apply) - Medical or dental appointment letter

Front door closed on our buses

In order to reduce the spread of covid-19 we have closed the front door in our buses. Please step on the middle door or the back door.

Valid ticket

You still need a valid ticket when you travel with us. If you lack a valid ticket, you will be forced to pay for the journey plus a penalty of SEK 1,200.

Trips to Denmark

For trips to Denmark, please read more on skanetrafiken.se

Thank you for following the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and making your trip with public transport as safe for you and for your fellow travelers as possible.

  • Do not travel if you are ill! Stay indoors, rest and get better. You will soon be feeling well and ready to take on the world again!

  • Choose other modes of transport if you can, such as walking or cycling. This leaves room for those who have to travel by bus and train.

  • Keep your distance on platforms, at bus stops, in bus shelters and on board trains and buses. This reduces the risk of spreading infection.

  • Avoid the rush hour and non-essential journeys. Are you able to start your day a little earlier or later so you are not travelling at the same time as others? Good. You will be helping to reduce overcrowding.

  • Is the bus full or do you think a lot of people are getting on after you? If possible, take the next bus – or get off and take a nice walk for the last bit of the journey.

  • General advice from the Swedish Public Health Agency:
    - Stay at home if you are ill.
    - Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly using soap and water.
    - Use hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available.
    - Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
    - Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

More information

We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority. Our traffic works as usual.

If you have questions or want more information, please contact our Customer Center.

Customer Centre

Do you have a question regarding tickets/cards or how to travel within Kronoberg County and in southern Sweden? Please contact our Customer Centre at 0771-76 70 76 or kundcenter@lanstrafikenkron.se
We are situated at Växjö central station - welcome!